ALOHA LOCALS! Mahalo nui for supporting our small shop!

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Mālama everything.

   Little Locals 808 loves to give back to our community. Over the years, we have helped out in countless ways. From giving back to our everyday customers, to small shops to supporting the kiaʻi on the Mauna. Giving back to the community gives you this sense of purpose and fulfillment. To know that the little good deed you did is going on to benefit others. I believe that giving should be selfless. It should come from a good place in your soul and it doesnʻt always need to be advertised or showcased to the world. Just knowing that you did it should fill you with every ounce of humility and a sense of peace.      Giving back to...

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Aloha 2021!

Cheers to the New Year! After coming through a year of what can only be described as pure and utter craziness and anxiety, I can only hope that 2021 brings forth growth and a look at the world with new eyes. While many have had their woes with 2020 - the pandemic, loss of jobs, navigating the world of distance learning and feeling the longing to Hug and be near our family and friends, there is SO MUCH we can all be grateful for.  2020 has taught us to VALUE all the simple things so much more. Parents became truly appreciative of the hard work of a teacher. We have to deal with our kids but gosh - imagine having...

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Our Journey to Noʻeau Designers

  It all started with an email in 2016. Our young and blossoming business had been getting so many inquiries about our newest release of Keiki Pillows and it truly lit a spark in us!

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