ALOHA LOCALS! Mahalo nui for supporting our small shop!

Mālama everything.

   Little Locals 808 loves to give back to our community. Over the years, we have helped out in countless ways. From giving back to our everyday customers, to small shops to supporting the kiaʻi on the Mauna. Giving back to the community gives you this sense of purpose and fulfillment. To know that the little good deed you did is going on to benefit others. I believe that giving should be selfless. It should come from a good place in your soul and it doesnʻt always need to be advertised or showcased to the world. Just knowing that you did it should fill you with every ounce of humility and a sense of peace. 

    Giving back to the community has been something instilled in me from a young age. My godfather was a priest and my grandmother his loyal secretary and a best friend. He would walk the beaches of Nānākuli and offer food and fellowship to those who needed it. I remember having to help the parishioners gather food from the pantry and prepare plates to pass out as people lined up. I was always taught that we should always give back and remain humble. For one day the tables could turn and it could be us that needed that help. And yes, there were times we were on the other end and how thankful to be able to have others reach out and show us kindness as well. What I wouldnʻt give to help my papa again. I am so thankful for days before social media when people would do random acts of kindness just because itʻs the right thing to do instead of the cool thing to post. 

    Even though you may only have a little, a little kindness goes a long way. I truly believe in ALOHA ALWAYS. ALL WAYS. I look forward to the future and the random acts of kindness I may find myself in to help bestow onto others. A little aloha everyday, would truly make the world a better place. 

xoxo, Me