ALOHA LOCALS! Mahalo nui for supporting our small shop!

Aloha 2021!

Cheers to the New Year! After coming through a year of what can only be described as pure and utter craziness and anxiety, I can only hope that 2021 brings forth growth and a look at the world with new eyes. While many have had their woes with 2020 - the pandemic, loss of jobs, navigating the world of distance learning and feeling the longing to Hug and be near our family and friends, there is SO MUCH we can all be grateful for. 

2020 has taught us to VALUE all the simple things so much more. Parents became truly appreciative of the hard work of a teacher. We have to deal with our kids but gosh - imagine having to deal with that x 20. I can't even tell you how many times I looked at my kids and was like really guys? Is that your final legit answer? haha. We learned how to slow down and take in the moments. With nowhere to really go, we had to improvise within our households, take our kids on a walk or simply just play outside. How often we are so wrapped up with work and the full schedules our daily life entailed that we didnʻt always get to make time for these little moments with our family. I know this first hand as I am usually busy in my office from before my keiki wake up til long after theyʻve gone to bed. 2020 has also taught us the true value of a simple dollar. While many have lost their jobs or are receiving less wages- we have had to shuffle around our lives to accommodate our loss and still be able to survive. Many of us had to think practically and realize that hey, maybe we donʻt need a Starbucks everyday (just on those days Iʻm running on Zombie mode). 

As we go into this fresh, New year - let us take this eye opening experience with us. I loved seeing how so many of us have decided to take a risk this year and begin a new journey whether it was join an online business or start your own small shop. This year proved that EVERYONE is good at something. So many have turned their hobbies into a business and it has truly flourished during this year of hardship. I wish nothing but the best to you all. If there was a time to re-evaluate your life and start on something that lights a fire in you, itʻs now. Cherish everyday and never stop reaching for the summit (Kulia I Ka Nuʻu). Humble Beginnings brings hardwork, dedication and a love for your craft. 

xoxo - Me