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FALL 2020 Collection

The beginning of fall means it's one step closer to the full blown Holiday season. But, for now... let's enjoy the nice change in season. For Hawai'i, we may not have the change in the colors of the trees but, we will notice those little changes. The air getting a little cooler, the days slowly getting shorter, the beautiful purple colors in the sunset and of course, the smell of PUMPKING everryyytthang.

Our very first Fall 2020 Collection, is something I'm excitedly anxious to release. As always catering to the keiki of all ages from our little pumpkins to our grown up ghouls. Bringing back an adult favorite from last year and expanding to so much more! Happy Fall Locals and may your opus be full of yummy savory & sweets while rocking your new Little Local gear. 

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.